Who Trains

Emerge Oregon trainers are campaign consultants, advisors and staff that have decades of experience running candidate and issue campaigns at all levels of government. Many of them have been involved in some of the most successful campaign and initiatives we’ve seen in recent election cycles. They come from backgrounds that span over fundraising, direct mail, field strategy, communications, press management and campaign messaging. They have won everything from school board races to Senate races, ballot measure campaigns to gubernatorial races.

Past and present trainers include:

  • Anna Richter Taylor, Gallatin Public Affairs
  • Ben Patinkin, Patinkin Research Strategies
  • Beth Bernard, Oregon Trial Lawyers Association
  • Carol Butler, Political Consultant
  • Christine Lewis, Policy Director, Commissioner Jules Bailey
  • Chuck Sheketoff, Oregon Center for Public Policy
  • Don Fisher, Democratic Party of Oregon
  • Elana Guiney, AFL-CIO
  • Felisa Hagins, SEIU Local 409
  • Hiram Sachs, Hopkins + Sachs Communications
  • Kari Chisholm, Mandate Media
  • Kendall Clawson, Former Staff Member, Executive Appointments
  • Jef Green & Tammy Lewis, C&E Systems
  • Kevin Looper, Political Consultant
  • Laurie Wimmer, Oregon Education Association
  • Lisa Rockower, Political Strategist
  • Mark Wiener WinningMark
  • Maura Roche, StrategyWorksNW
  • Melissa Chernaik, Communications Consultant
  • Melissa Unger, SEIU Local 503
  • Meredith Wood Smith, Former Chair, Democratic Party of Oregon
  • Paige Richardson, Springwater Partners
  • Patty Wentz, Communications Consultant
  • Pete Shepherd, Harrang Long Gary Rudnick, PC
  • Various members of Oregon media outlets

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