Marisha Childs

Attorney, M. Childs Law Office
Class of 2012

Marisha Childs is not a “native” Oregonian but she has been an Oregonian longer than she hasn’t.  Having attended virtually all facets of her educational career from elementary school through Juris Doctor.  After experiencing Klamath Falls and Oregon Institute of Technology, Marisha graduated with a degree in Medical Imaging Technology and worked as a radiographer for many years in various hospitals and clinics.  
In 1999 ready to challenge herself professionally and academically, Marisha pursued a law degree and after graduating moved to Chicago where she worked for a supervising judge at the Cook County Circuit Court.  After spending three years in Chicago and completing the Chicago marathon, Marisha, who was now married, and her husband Sam, road-tripped back to Oregon.  Seven years later, Marisha and Sam live in the Reed neighborhood with two girls and soon three chickens.  
Marisha operates her own law practice, M. Childs Law Office in Vancouver, Washington where her practice focuses on elder law.  Marisha is is also the President of the local chapter of the Washington Women Lawyers.  Marisha is a competitor and challenges herself by entering several running events every year.  Last year Marisha participated on a Portland-to-Coast walk-relay team and this year would like to challenge herself further by getting on a Hood-to-Coast team.  Marisha’s other interests include sewing her children’s clothing, cooking gluten free yummies, kayaking Oregon rivers. 

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