Build the Bench

Build the Bench


Which women running for office does matter!  We train Democratic women because we want Democrats to win.  Electing Mama Grizzlies, Tea Party extremists in heels, or right-wing Republican women will not help the issues that matter to us.  Healthcare, equal pay, education - there is too much at stake.  We must put women on the ballot trained to win and ready to support our issues.

"Build the Bench" means just that - an initiative to expand our work and increase the number of Democratic women running and winning their elections at all levels.  Women who won this year may be ready for a Congressional or statewide office in two years.  They are the bench, who will fill their seats?

We need more politically experienced Democratic women poised to seek office at all levels, in more states, and at a more rapid rate than we have before.

Join our campaign with a contribution of $25, $50 or $100 to "Build the Bench" and support Emerge America today!

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