On Your Ballot: Our Six Alumnae Running for Re-Election to the State Legislature


Between now and Election Day in May, we will highlight the 30 Emerge Oregon alumnae appearing on primary ballots throughout the state. Below is the first, focusing on our alumnae who are running for re-election to the Oregon State Legislature!

Currently there are seven Emerge Oregon alumnae in the state legislature - and overall, there have been 11 alumnae who have served in Salem. In various leadership positions, along with other Democratic leaders, they have contributed to passing some of the most progressive legislation in our state's history. 

In a future email we will highlight six additional alumnae fighting for new seats in the state legislature.

It's up to us to make sure 2018 is the Year of the Woman - so get out there and get involved! 



Emerge Oregon

Our Six Alumnae Up for Re-Election


This Year in the State Legislature

Oregon House Majority Leader Jennifer Williamson, HD 36, NW Portland: 

"I'm running for re-election to continue to fight for a vibrant economy built on family-wage jobs and to stand up for a strong public education system from early childhood through college. We must continue our state's groundbreaking work to protect the environment. And I will fight to protect Oregonians from gun violence, to ensure every woman's right to choose and safeguard the hard-won equal treatment of LGBT Oregonians." Learn more here.

Rep. Julie Fahey, HD 14, Eugene/Junction City:

“I am running for re-election to continue my work on the Joint Committee on Student Success, finding solutions to ensure every student in Oregon receives a quality education, and on the Joint Task Force on Health Care Cost Review, charged with finding ways to bring down health care costs in Oregon.” Learn more here.

Rep. Teresa Alonso Leon, HD 22, Woodburn:

"I am running to represent House District 22 again because I believe all Oregonians should have the opportunity to pursue their American Dream. I am proud of the work I did in my first term, and I will continue to fight to support working families, protect our seniors, and ensure that everyone who calls our state home has access to a quality and affordable education." Learn more here.

Rep. Sheri Malstrom, HD 27, Beaverton:

"As devastating as the loss of my husband was, I was one of the lucky ones: I had a good union job as a nurse, and friends and family that came to my aid, but many working families are not so fortunate. I'm running for re-election to advocate for those less than lucky families, those families that live paycheck to paycheck, without ever getting ahead." Learn more here. 

Rep. Alissa Keny-Guyer, HD 46, Portland: 

“I’m running to continue our work to ensure that all Oregonians (and especially women!) have access to educational and employment opportunities, health care, affordable housing, and a clean environment." Learn more here. 

Rep. Karin Power, HD 41, Milwaukie: 

"Whether it's renters facing a no-cause eviction who have done nothing wrong, parents who qualify for support on paper that the state fails to fully fund because of our structural budget challenges, or people heading back to school to learn a new trade to provide a stable income for their families, yet who face unsustainable tuition increases...this system of income inequality cannot stand. And I am seeking re-election because I don't stand for it either." Learn more here.

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