On Your Ballot: Emerge Oregon Alumnae At the Top of the Ticket


Between now and Election Day in May, we will highlight the 30 Emerge Oregon alumnae appearing on primary ballots throughout the state.

Last week we focused on our alumnae who are running for re-election to the Oregon State Legislature!

Today we focus on four candidates running in very competitive races, near the top of the ticket: 

1.) Jamie McLeod-Skinner - Oregon's 2nd Congressional District

Jamie is running in a very crowded primary - and currently, by all accounts, is the frontrunner! We are very proud of the campaign she is running! The winner will take on U.S. Representative Greg Walden (R) in the General Election in November.

2.) Val Hoyle - Bureau of Labor and Industries, Commissioner

Val is in a three-way primary race, and needs to get 50% plus 1 of the votes to win outright. Otherwise, the top two will advance to November. The goal is to elect Val in May - so that we can focus on Governor Kate Brown's re-election in November! 

3.) Shemia Fagan - State Senate District 24

Shemia is taking on an incumbent, Senator Rod Monroe. Stable and affordable housing is the defining difference in this race - and the top issue on the minds of families throughout this district, and quite frankly the state. Shemia gets that and is the fighter we need in the Oregon Senate!

4.) Athena Goldberg - State Senate District 3

Athena is the only woman running in a four-way primary for a seat currently held by a Republican, who is stepping down. The goal is to flip this seat and turn it blue! Wouldn't it be great to add two progressive women, both Athena and Shemia, to the state Senate?!? We think so! 


Emerge Oregon

Jamie McLeod-Skinner, Oregon's 2nd Congressional District: 

"I'm running because Greg Walden has turned his back on our district. We need a representative in Washington, D.C., who is rooted in our district and reflects our values: independent minded, socially progressive, fiscally responsible, with a commitment to integrity. We need to invest our physical and social infrastructure so we can build an economy that works for all Oregonians."
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Val Hoyle, Bureau of Labor and Industries (Statewide):

“After 30 years of advocating for working people, better jobs and equal rights as a mother, union member, small business owner and public servant, I'm ready to lead those fights as Oregon's next Labor Commissioner."
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Shemia Fagan, State Senate District 24 (East, SE Portland and Northern Clackamas County):

"Too many politicians approach Oregon’s housing emergency as a series of empty statistics. Not me. My mom was homeless in East Portland for most of my childhood. That's why I know that every person struggling to keep a home, or make a home, is somebody’s somebody. I can no longer sit on the sidelines while the ol' boys club in Salem does business-as-usual while our somebody's are in crisis.”

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Athena Goldberg, State Senate District 3 (Medford, Phoenix, Talent, Ashland):

"I’m running for the state senate to continue Oregon’s tradition of progressive leadership and to protect our state in this uncertain time. As a health care professional, I will use my experience to guide the state senate’s efforts to provide every Oregonian with access to quality healthcare."

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