Recruit, Train, Run...Repeat!

68 women and counting!!!

We hear you: the last three months feel more like three years!

We thank all of you who are speaking out against so much that is so wrong. From fighting the relentless attacks on women’s health happening in Washington, D.C. to standing up for individuals in our community who are being taken away from their families – and everything in between.

We support you in fighting the immediate fights as we work with Democratic women in Oregon to build more reflective, responsive elected bodies.

On that front, below is a brief update on what we’ve been up to since the start of the year:

1. Emerge Oregon has taken countless calls from Democratic women across the state who are interested in learning more about running – or for those who filed to run this May, looking to us for on-the-spot advice. Women are turning to us because we are the only organization in the state focused solely on Democratic women. 

2. The Class of 2017 has completed three trainings – with four more to come. Three of these class members – Erika Lopez, Felicita Monteblanco and Danielle Currey jumped in to run this May! A few other class members will soon be launching their campaigns for races in 2018.

3. We have 15 women running right now, including the three mentioned above. Most of those are first-time candidates in competitive races, and nearly half are women of color. 

4. We held a one-day training in Bend for 20 women. Two of those decided to run this May!

  • Erica Skatvold is running for the Central Oregon Community College Board, earning the support of several local elected leaders.
  • Lauren Sprang is running for Bend Park and Recreation District – and is backed by the Oregon League of Conservation Voters.

5. Additionally, we've been organizing smaller, shorter trainings in living rooms and remotely with the help of technology. 

In sum, we are watching races occurring in a number of communities in Oregon: Hillsboro, East Portland, Washington County, Clackamas County, Salem/Keizer, Eugene, Albany, Bend and Silverton. We are excited about them all! 

6. Finally, this month, we will hold our first-ever boot camp version of our curriculum. We are excited to welcome our inaugural group of boot camp participants – listed to the right!

All this represents 68 women we will have worked with come the end of April - and not counting all the phone calls and emails!

Join me in celebrating all these future women leaders!


Jillian Schoene
Executive Director

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