Emerge Oregon Women Won BIG - AGAIN!


Yesterday was another good day for Emerge Oregon. We had 15 phenomenal women who stepped up to run! 

That alone is a success. Win or lose, each contributed toward our goals of gender parity and elected bodies that reflect and represent our diverse communities!

To Danielle Currey, Jodi Ballard-Beach, Kristin Cornuelle and Kathleen Harder:

We are so proud to have you as Emerge women. All of you ran hard and stayed focused on the issues. We can’t wait to see what you do next in your communities – and when you run again!

To all supporters of Emerge, look what we achieved together last night:

  • Nearly half our candidates were women of color - and all of them won. 

  • Two of our women - Ana del Rocio and Andrea Valderrama - became the first people of color to be elected to the David Douglas School Board. 

  • Erika Lopez will be the only person of color on the Hillsboro School Board. Evangelina Sundgrenz will be the only person of color on the Eugene 4J School Board. 

    • Moreover, the Hillsboro and David Douglas school board races were part of a targeted effort to flip the boards so that we had majority support for access to birth control in school-based health centers. And it was successful!
  • Irene Konev, in her successful race for a seat on the Clackamas Community College Board, is the first member of Oregon's Russian-speaking community to run and win an election for any level of government in our state. 

  • Felicita Monteblanco will be the only woman of color and one of two women (another women ran and won last night) on the Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation Board. 

  • Kathy Wai will be the only person of color on the North Clackamas School Board.  

  • Helen Ying is our first alumna to be elected to the Multnomah Education Service District. 

  • Annette Mattson is our first alumna on the Mt. Hood Community College Board.

  • Sheronne Blasi won election to the Salem-Keizer School Board.

  • And finally, to Rose Wilde, who was our only alumna up for re-election and won another term on the Lane Education Service District. 

With all those ballots counted - we are excited to announce a win rate of 79%!!

That's AMAZING - and it follows our win rate in 2016 of 72%!

Join me in thanking and congratulating all 15 of our women for running and running hard - and to those who will soon be sworn in as newly elected officials! 




Jillian Schoene

Executive Director

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